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Radiodetection’s C.A.T4 and Genny4 offer a comprehensive range of Cable Avoidance Tools designed to provide operators with locators that are both simple to operate and offer a range of options and features to improve survey speed and accuracy.

Simultaneous dual frequency helps locating Small Diameter cables.

Dynamic Overvoltage Protection enable the locator to operate in electrically noisy areas.

Avoidance mode, speeds the survey by searching for Power, Radio and Genny signals simultaneously.

As a safety critical tool the C.A.T4 range also offers a number of features designed to support safe working and help to drive utility strike rates down.

StrikeAlert warns of the presence of shallow cables.

SWING Warning, warns the user of incorrect tracing techniques.

Built in Data logging and GPS/GNSS receiver enables usage and location analysis and reporting.

Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to Android and iOS devices.

Service Due indicator and CalSafe help preventing usage of the instruments beyond the calibration due date.

The eCert online service provides the convenience of being able to extend the validity of the Calibration period for another year without having to return the Product to a Service centre.

Technical Specifications

Dynamic Overload Protection 40dB @50Hz (automatic)
Locate accuracy +/- 10% of depth
Depth Range Line depth 4m, Sonde Mode 7m
Depth Accuracy Line mode 5%, Sonde Mode 5%
Horizontal GPS Accuracy* 3m CEP (Circular Error Probable)
Data-logging capacity 24 months @8hrs day, 5 days per week
Service indicator Provides 30 day warning prior to elapse date


Locate Depth m
Mode Frequency Range Sensitivity @1m Good Conditions Poor Conditions
Power Signals (P) 50Hz to 1500Hz 3mA 3 2
Radio Signals (R) 15kHz to 30kHz 25μA 2 1
Genny4 Signals (G) Simultaneous 32.768kHz and 131.072kHz +/- 20Hz 5μA 4 2
Avoidance Mode (A) P+R+G As above As Above 4 2
Radiodetection CAT4 Cable Locator Close from JB Survey Limited

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Radiodetection gCAT4+ Cable Locator

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