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The Spectra DG813 pipe laying laser when only the best will do.
When speed, improved reliability, robustness and long lasting performance are required for Pipe Laying the DG813 is the answer. Completely waterproof, with large self-levelled grade range, the DG813 is so fast, so smart and so easy to use that it is an unsurpassed laser tool for pipe laying.
Grade range -12% to +40%
Ultra-fast beam movement
Operating range up to 150 m (500 ft) with radio / IR remote control
Large intuitive graphical display on the laser and remote control
IP68 protection (dust and waterproof)
Flexible power options (NiMH / Alkaline)
Advanced functions squeezing working time: Line Set/Check (first day setup), Line Scan (second day setup) and Line Alert
Automatic functions for beam alignment, beam detection, and grade calculation (DG813 only)
Compact length allows easy set-up even in tight inverts
Self-leveling range of -12% to +40% over the entire grade range
Cross axis compensation provides a quicker more accurate set-up as the laser does not have to be level in the pipe – place it in the pipe, it levels, you work
Bright visible beam works up to 150 m (500 ft)
RC803 remote works via radio 130 m (430 ft) or infra-red 150 m (500 ft) for both “over-the-top” set-up and in the pipe/trench set-up
The DG813 has advanced functions that make setting up and using it easy and accurate

Technical Specifications

Grade Range -12% to +40%
Self Levelling Range -12% to +40%
Operational Area up to 150 m (500 feet)
Horizontal Accuracy 1.5 mm /30 m, (1/16 in @ 100 ft)
Working Duration at 20°C 40 hours NIMH
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
RC Range (radio ) 130 m (430 ft)
RC Range (infra-red ) 150 m (500 ft)
Spectra DG813 Pipe Laser Accs from JB Survey Limited

Spectra DG813 Pipe Laser Brochure

Spectra DG813 Pipe Laser User Guide

What's in the Box:

DG813 Pipe Laser
RC803 Remote Control
ST805 Range Extender with Remote App
SF803 Spot Finder
P24 Pole Adapter
Pipe Target with 2 Plates
1248 Centering Plate 200mm
CH10 Worldwide Charger
Q104667 NiMH Battery pack
Carrying Case

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