Spectra LR60 Receiver

£1,866.00£2,087.00 Ex VAT


The LR60 & LR60W Laser Machine Display Receivers are designed to be used as a stand-alone display receiver on grading and excavating equipment including: dozers, excavators, backhoes, scrapers, and box blades.

Check grade with the dipper arm extended or retracted up to 30 degrees

​Built-in plumb indicator for fast, accurate grade checking for graders

​Center On-grade provides an equal amount of grade information above and below on-grade. Use on dozers, graders, scrapers and box blades

​Offset on-grade for productive excavation provides additional above grade information for less undercuts

​Up to eight channels of grade information plus directional out-of-beam indicators

Four selectable accuracies for each on-grade location

​LR60W used with Spectra Precision RD20 Wireless Remote Display

Price includes MM-1 Mag Mount

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