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Line marker paint plays a fundamental role for many working within the construction sector. Often used as an aerosol for ease of use, line marking spray paint is designed to mark roads and other surfaces quickly, clearly and easily.

These versatile aerosol line marker paints are most often associated with highlighting and marking areas of repair on roads and footpaths, however line marker sprays are also used to mark out areas on floors, fields, playgrounds and indoor and outdoor sports areas.

 Popular choices of marker spray paint are:

White line marker spray paint is used by contractors to highlight general areas of road repair such as potholes and other excavation areas. White line marker paint is commonly used to mark out either temporary or permanent, areas of play on turf or pitches.

Yellow line marker spray is used to mark out gas, oil, steam or other gaseous materials are running underneath the ground where repairs are taking place.

Red line marker paint highlights the location of electrical power lines, cables and conduits.

Blue line marker spray is used to indicate where water pipes and water mains are located underground.

Available in 6 Colours, for mixed option please specify colour and quantity required.

Price for box of 12x 750ml  cans.