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The Spectra Precision DG211 is a compact, automatic self-levelling pipe laser used for installing gravity-flow sanitary pipe.

With a grade range of -20% to +30%, it can handle a wide variety of jobsite requirements. The compact design is specifically designed to fit in 100 mm (4 in) pipe diameters. A large, easy-to-read Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is included that indicates the current grade value, the roll position of the housing, the alignment position of the beam, and the battery status. Large keypad buttons and multiple input modes made it easy to input selections. A remote control is included and operates the laser from up to 150 meters through the front of the pipe. A durable housing provides total waterproof and dustproof to an IP68 rating. The laser includes a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack that provides up to 36 hours of use. Alkaline batteries can be used as a backup to power the laser at the job site, so there is no worry for power issues or forgetting to recharge. The laser ships with legs to center in 125 mm pipe. The feet are removed to center in 100 mm pipe. Optional sets are available for various sizes of pipe up to 300 mm. Applications:

Gravity-Flow Sanitary Pipeline Installation

Storm Drainage Pipe Installation

Plumbing Residential Connections

Can be used in 100 mm (4 inch) Pipe

Automatic self-leveling

Grade Range of -20% to +30%

Level Accuracy 1.5 mm @ 30m (1/16 inch @ 100 ft)

Working range of 150 m (500 ft)

Durable, Waterproof and Dustproof

Long Li-Ion battery life with alkaline backup

Remote Control for ease of operation

Multiple leg set for various pipe diameters

Roll Alert if pipe laser is moved beyond limit

3 Year Warranty Key Features

Easy to operate and set up Compact to fit in 100 mm (4 in) pipe; ideal for residential connections

Remote Control operates long range for ease of operation

Built for reliability with IP68 environmental rating

Highly durable design for long life

Technical Specifications

Grade Range -20 to +30%
Self Levelling Range -10 to +25%
Operational Area Up To 150m
Horizontal Accuracy ±1.5mm/30m
Grade Accuracy ±9mm/30m
Working Duration at 20°C TP-L6G approx 45hrs TP-L6A approx 60hrs
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
IR Range (Front) 150m
IR Range (Back) 10m
Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser Kit from JB Survey Limited

Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser Brochure

Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser User Guide

What's in the Box:

Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser

2 Target Plates and Holder

RC201 Remote Control

125mm Leg Set

P11 Battery

CH11 Battery Charger

Carrying Case

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